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When the underground sewer line needs repair, there is an alternative to traditional methods requiring excavation. The Plumbing Stars offers the latest in trenchless technology, including pipe relining throughout Los Angeles & Ventura Counties. This minimally invasive method allows us to restore your sewer line without disrupting your lawn and landscaping.

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Benefits of Pipe Relining

When an underground sewer pipe is in need of repair, trenchless methods offer significant benefits in saving time, money, and environmental benefits. West Hills pipe relining can be used to solve a variety of problems, such as cracks, holes, tree root infiltration, broken pipes, leaks, and damage to existing pipe linings.

Repairing pipes with pipe relining offers: 

  • A cost-effective solution
  • Superior quality repairs
  • Faster process
  • Durable, long-lasting results
  • Less destructive
  • Eco-friendly

Although pipe lining is effective for most types of pipe materials and many kinds of damage, it is not the ideal solution in every situation. Pipe relining requires some of the existing pipe to be intact or there is nowhere to attach the epoxy liner. Relining may not work for a pipe that is completely collapsed, has extensive gaps and holes, or has misshapen pipes. The technician can perform a sewer camera inspection to assess the condition of the pipe and determine if this method is most appropriate for your situation.

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The Pipe Relining Process

The trenchless relining process does not require digging up your yard, disturbing your landscaping beds, or ripping up concrete driveways or patios. The relining process only requires two access holes to be dug at either end of the pipe to pull the liner into place. You won’t be left with a mess and the expense of repairing and replacing grass, landscape plants, and your patio or walkways.

The steps in the pipe-lining process include: 

  • Inspecting the pipe with a sewer camera
  • Cleaning the pipe to remove tree roots or other blockages and debris
  • Measuring and preparing a specialized liner
  • Coating the liner with epoxy resin
  • Inserting the liner into the pipe and pulling it into position
  • Curing the liner to the existing pipe and allowing it to harden

This method is only effective when the pipe and the liner are prepared properly and the work is done right. Every plumbing company is not skilled in trenchless technologies. Working with a properly trained, equipped, and dedicated sewer and drain company is the best way to ensure quality work and lasting results.

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At The Plumbing Stars, we offer high-quality service for pipe relining in West Hills and great warranties, including 20 years on trenchless technology. If you suspect your sewer line needs repair, we can perform an inspection to find the cause of the problem and a free estimate for the cost of your pipe relining.

Our skilled technicians are ready to answer your call. Contact us at (747) 463-1853 to book an appointment. 

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