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The drains are important in a functional plumbing system. If you need a drain installed, unclogged, or repaired, Sewer Stars offers complete residential and commercial sewer services in West Hills and throughout Los Angeles & Ventura County. Our drain specialists are equipped to provide services for new installations, remodeling projects, plumbing upgrades, and repairs with outstanding quality work and timely service.

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Residential & Commercial Drain Services

Maintaining functioning drains is essential for health and sanitation reasons. Over time, problems can arise due to clogs, a buildup of debris, or damage to the drain pipe. Depending on the cause of the damage and the specific needs of your situation, this may require clearing a clog, drain repair, or installing a new drain.

Drain problems can be solved with services that include: 

  • Drain cleaning– Drain clogs are often caused by a buildup of hair, food scraps, grease and oil, soap scum, and other debris. A clog can also happen when something is dropped into the drain accidentally or things are flushed that shouldn’t be put down the toilet. Drain cleaning can remove the clogs and restore the function of your drain.
  • Drain installation– A new drain will need to be installed for new construction, home remodels, or when you add a new plumbing fixture. If a drain is damaged beyond repair, it can be replaced with a brand-new drain.
  • Drain repair – If a clog gets too large, it can damage the drainpipe. When a drainpipe is damaged, drain repair can restore the function of the drain. 
  • Hydrojetting– This method uses high-pressure water jets to clear clogs anywhere in the drain system or main sewer line. Hydrojetting is effective for all types of clogs and completely cleans out the inside of the pipe for lasting results. 

If you notice a slow drain, strange gurgling noises coming from a drain, or recurring clogs, don’t wait to call for West Hills drain services. Whether the issue is a clog in the drain, a blockage in the main sewer line, or damage to the pipe, these problems will get worse when not fixed promptly.

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Professional Drain Services

Finding the exact cause of a problem in your drain system, unclogging a drain, and repairing drainpipes require an accurate diagnosis and a professional to deliver quality services. Improper drain installations or repairs can lead to a bigger problem. A trained and experienced technician has the knowledge and resources to pinpoint the cause of your problem and make sure all repairs and installations are completed right.

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At Sewer Stars, we offer upfront pricing and free estimates for our West Hills drain services. Whether you need a drain installed, cleaned, repaired, or replaced, we offer reliable services that are customized to your situation. In addition to our competitive prices, a 10% discount is offered on all services for first-time customers.

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