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The Plumbing Stars is a local company offering high-quality drain and sewer services, including hydrojetting throughout Los Angeles & Ventura Counties. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and invest in top-quality tools and equipment to deliver reliable solutions for all types of drain and sewer problems. You can count on us to remove any clogs without damaging your pipes.

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Hydrojetting Offers Many Benefits

When debris collects inside a drainpipe or the main sewer line, it can cause slow drains and complete blockages or even overflowing drains. If you have slow or clogged drains in multiple drains, your clog is likely in the main sewer line. Hydrojetting offers several advantages for clearing clogs anywhere in your drain and sewer system.

Hydrojetting is effective for: 

  • Removing all types of clogs, from grease to tree roots
  • Completely cleaning out all debris from inside the pipe
  • Restoring the inside of the pipe
  • Stopping recurring clogs
  • Non invasive method for clearing sewer line clogs
  • Lasting results

Hydrojetting is also beneficial for the environment. Since this method uses only highly pressurized water and no toxic chemicals, there is no concern about adding pollutants to the environment. This method is safe for the environment and your plumbing pipes, as long as the pipe is in good condition and not badly damaged or corroded. A weak pipe may not be able to withstand the water pressure.

The Hydrojetting Process

Skilled technicians always start with an inspection using a sewer video camera. This small camera can fit inside drainpipes and main sewer pipes and allows the technician to look inside the pipe to find the cause of the blockage and exactly where the pipe is clogged. In addition, the camera inspection allows the technician to assess the condition of your pipes to ensure that they are in good condition and hydrojetting is the right method for eliminating the clog.

Professional hydrojetting service involves: 

  • Using specialized equipment that has nozzles and a flexible cable
  • Accessing the pipe that is clogged
  • Feeding the hydrojetting machine into the pipe and directing the water pressure
  • The sludge and debris are washed down the sewer line and out of your system
  • Checking to make sure the debris and clogs are completely gone

Often, snaking is not sufficient for removing heavy buildup or soft clogs, such as grease or oil. Even when the snake pulls out a hair clog or object from the pipe, it only removes that clog. There is still debris and buildup inside the pipe. For this reason, clogs often return. Hydrojetting is effective for removing clogs and can be used as preventive maintenance to keep your sewer line in good working condition and avoid future buildup.

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If you have a blockage in a drain or main sewer line and wonder if hydrojetting is right for your problem, our technicians can inspect your system and determine the best method for clearing the clog. We offer free estimates for hydrojetting in Los Angeles & Ventura County from our drain and sewer specialists. You can feel confident in our ability to clear any clog because if we don’t clear it, you don’t pay.

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