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Is a slow or clogged drain causing problems for your home routine or your business? Sewer Stars offers drain cleaning in West Hills and throughout Los Angeles & Ventura County for all types of clogs. Whether you have a clog in the kitchen sink, a toilet, a shower, or any other drain, we can get it flowing again with fast, dependable service. Our skilled technicians use the best tools for each type of clog. 

When you need help with a slow or blocked drain, call (818) 600-6181 for on-time service. 

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The Right Method for Every Clog 

When dealing with a drain clog, it is important to use the right method for clearing it. What rarely works and may cause additional damage are the liquid drain cleaning products and sometimes plungers, which push the clog further down the pipe but may not clear it. Professional drain cleaning ensures that the right method is used for the type of clog that is causing your problems. 

Drain snaking and hydrojetting are the most common and effective methods for professional drain cleaning in West Hills. Drain snakes, also known as augers, are best for minor clogs, such as a hair clog or an object that was dropped down a drain. While snaking is effective for these types of clogs, this method only removes the clog. It doesn’t clean out the pipe, so clogs can come back. 

If you want the drain pipe completely cleaned out and all debris and buildup removed, hydrojetting may be the more effective method. Hydrojetting washes away all clogs and debris from inside the drainpipe all the way to the main sewer line. This leaves the inside of the pipe like new, so you won’t have to worry about the clog coming right back again. 

Keeping Your Drains Clear 

Once the clog has been removed, it is important to take steps to avoid future drain clogs. As debris builds up again, you could have future clogs. This can be reduced by treating your drains with care and watching what is put down the drain. 

Keep your drains clear by: 

  • Avoiding putting grease, oil, or coffee grounds down the drain 
  • Not overloading the garbage disposal 
  • Flushing nothing but toilet paper and not too much
  • Putting strainers in tubs and showers to keep hair out of the drainpipe 
  • Keeping drain stoppers clean

If you have a drain that has recurring problems with clogs, you may want to consider preventative drain cleaning services. Regular professional drain cleaning will keep the water flowing freely and prevent buildup from causing new clogs or damage to the drain pipe. Your technician can recommend the frequency that will best meet your needs. 

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At Sewer Stars, we offer cost-effective solutions for all types of drain clogs and free estimates for drain cleaning in West Hills. We offer a 10% discount for new customers and a free camera inspection with any snaking. Regardless of the size of the clog or where it is located, you can count on us to get it cleared and restore the function of the drain. 

Please contact us at (818) 600-6181 for quality drain cleaning service. 

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