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Accurate Video Inspections for Los Angeles & Ventura County Customers

Ready to take a closer look at your drain system and sewer line? The video inspection services we offer here at The Plumbing Stars can give you a full and accurate picture of what’s going on inside your pipes. Using specialized technology, we let you view a live feed of your drains and sewer line, allowing our technicians to walk you through any flaws or issues they find.

Regular inspections from a trained professional are vital to the ongoing health of your drains and sewer line. Not only can they help diagnose the root cause of persistent issues, but regular inspections can let you stop developing issues in their tracks, saving you a lot of time, stress, and money further down the line. If you want to know for sure that your drains and sewer line are healthy, let our Los Angeles and Ventura County inspection teams give you the knowledge and assurance you need.

To request a free estimate or schedule your drain or sewer inspection, call The Plumbing Stars in Los Angeles and Ventura County at (747) 463-1853 or contact us online today!
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Inspections for Residential & Commercial Customers

If you’re dealing with persistent drain or sewer-related issues, a video inspection can help you understand what may be causing them. Our cameras can reveal rusted piping, hard buildup, and hidden cracks that our technicians can help you deal with, restoring your drains and sewer line to perfect working order. We even include a free snaking service with every camera inspection to start dealing with any issues we encounter straight away.

Inspections for Real Estate Agents

The Plumbing Stars also provides specialized inspection services for real estate purposes. If you’re buying or selling a property, or if you’re facilitating the buying or selling of a property, you want to ensure that the property in question is fully functional before the transaction is complete. These inspections are not just for the buyers’ peace of mind – they are required by California law. Our inspection team can make the inspection process fast and easy, letting the sales process continue with minimal interruptions.

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